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PeersBoard helps Entrepreneurs & Decision Makers make better decisions by bringing leaders together.

PeersBoard.com is Leadership Development wing of VyapaarJagat.com which is a revolutionary digital platform for growing entrepreneurs and has established itself in bringing changes in thousands of entrepreneurs lives. Since 2017, VyapaarJagat.com has featured 10000+ Business Stories, 400+ Eminent Speakers shared their experience in conventions & conferences, 400+ Entrepreneurs felicitated with Awards & wide media coverages, 400+ Video Stories featured on Vyapaar Jagat TV, 5000+ Businesses listed in Vyapaar Jagat Directory, 50000+ Business professionals attended Vyapaar Jagat Virtual Conventions & Conferences, More than 1.5 lacs Entrepreneurs following Vyapaar Jagat on Social Media and thousands of entrepreneurs learning at VyapaarJagat.com daily.

PeersBoard is a community of the world’s most passionate, driven entrepreneurs founded by Pravin Parmar, Founder of VyapaarJagat.com who is coming from a small town of Gujarat, growing up in a farmer’s family where trade and skill was more important than education, He was the black sheep pursuing academic excellence. As he grew in his career, battling highs and lows, he learnt a valuable lesson – if you have to grow, you must help others grow.

About Us PeersBoard


PeersBoard is on a mission to enhance lives of more than 1 million entrepreneurs.

PeersBoard make meaningful connections and support one another through the challenges and triumphs of growing impactful businesses.


We connect Entrepreneurs & Decision Makers around the world and empower them to create opportunities and meaningful change in their organizations, communities and lives.


Business Impact

PeersBoard make meaningful connections and support one another through the challenges and triumphs of growing impactful businesses.

Rapid growth comes from diverse perspectives

PeersBoard membership gives you access to a vast range of experience, insights and wisdom from respected business leaders so you can make better decisions — and get better results.

More about PeersBoard

Business owners and high-level executives have a lot of people offering advice, from their board of directors to spouses. Others have key colleagues or even a mentor with whom they can troubleshoot … but very few business leaders have a consistent, structured forum for unbiased feedback. Very few have a confidential environment to work out concerns and plans, challenges and opportunities. They want guidance they can trust from people they respect.

PeersBoard advisory communities.

100% confidential

Consist of 8-18 business leaders (peers) from non-competing companies

Each PeersBoard community will have common target customer base

Members of businesses across various industries can be part of each PeersBoard

Provides a safe forum for working out issues and exploring opportunities.

Key Benefits

Community Board Meetings

12 PeersBoard Community board meetings per year [8 half day and 4 full day meetings]

Media Coverage

Featuring of Brand Story, Video Story & Listing of Members business on VyapaarJagat.com

Mentor Sessions

One-to-one Mentor sessions by PeersBoard Community Members

Opportunity to Learn

Opportunity to Learn from Subject Matter Expert

Free/Discounted Entry

Free/Discounted Entry to Local & Global Events of VyapaarJagat.com

Author Unlimited Articles

Get an opportunity to author unlimited articles on VyapaarJagat.com.

Monthly City Meets

Free/Discounted Entry to PeersBoard Monthly City Meets

Speaking Opportunity

Opportunity to Become a Speaker in VyapaarJagat.com Events

Global Community

24/7 access to a global community of business leaders who face similar challenges, issues and opportunities

An atmosphere of trust, support and encouragement

Executives who have been carrying the burden of having to know all of the answers can finally let their guard down. They can put any issue on the table for their peers to tackle with them. No topic is off-limits. If you are willing to talk candidly about the decisions you face, fellow members will rally around you, listen, ask tough questions and bring to bear every resource they have to help you grow as a leader and improve your business.

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PeersBoard is peer-to-peer network exclusively for entrepreneurs and leaders, PeersBoard helps transform the lives of those who transform the world.